Over time, we have lost sight of the seemingly insignificant things that make life worthwhile. Our universe is full of mundane, yet valuable objects that teach us everything we need to know. However, we rarely acknowledge their existence or study them. Instead of just observing material objects as they are, Khaore uncovers and explores their hidden charm. Our products are not soulless objects, but rather precious manifestations of artisans from India and Taiwan. Their trained touch, fine craftsmanship, and acquired perspective are evident in every aspect of them. Every thread, every intersection, as it is pulled together, begins to take on its own life. Khaore is deeply fascinated by life’s changes, and profoundly curious about the unknown. So we derive inspiration from what’s around us and give it new meaning. Something that’s fragile can easily be durable, something that is simple can also be sophisticated. And even mundane, everyday objects we take for granted can contain entire universes, desperately yearning to be discovered. Instead of striving for perfection, we demonstrate the possibilities through acceptance of what exists and what may come.